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Swank Hair Studio
Website Design in WordPress

Clair Gaston, Fine Artist
Website Design in Showit.co

Becca Borrelli, Illustrator
Website Design in Showit.co

Web Design

SEO + Maintenance

Rising Spirit RV Park came to me with very specific goals. They wanted to be on the first page of Google. This was a tough undertaking since they were competing with campgrounds and a TON of RV parks inside and around the Austin City limits. Their former web designer had made promises but when I looked their company up by their name, I couldn't even find them!

They hired me to do a better job than the last guy, which I did with flying colors. Within a DAY they were at the top of the page of Google by looking up their company name.

The hardest part was competing with those campground directories! They have so many internal and external links, how could I possibly do it? Well friends, I did it. I created several pages that linked to local attractions in the area and used keywords in my copywriting. I also added them to directories so they could be found in the directories with which they were competing.

"So I tested out the Google search "Liberty Hill RV Park" and sure enough on my iPhone, we are on PAGE ONE - you are a miracle worker!  You're awesome! Thank you very much and keep truckin'."  Steven Adams, Property Owner of Rising Spirit RV Park.

Rising Spirit RV Park, WordPress
SEO, Copywriting, and Maintenance

Launching soon!

Becca Borrelli contacted me to design a site to showcase her artwork. She was previously using Shopify which was not meeting her needs visually. 

We chose Showit.co so she could easily make changes in this new drag and drop platform. She also implemented with WordPress Blog for extra SEO benefits!

We'll be launching this puppy soon!

Melissa at Swank Hair Studio needed to upgrade and update her old Squarespace website to a more SEO friendly site through Wordpress.com

She wanted something less basic and more trendy like her hair salon in Lawrenceville Pittsburgh, PA. 

I created a custom team page that showcased each hair artist's bio and we gave a makeover to her online Brand!

Clair Gaston wanted to upgrade her old Squarespace website to a more user and design friendly website. She also needed a place to sell her artwork so I created a custom gallery in Showit.co to showcase the images and prices of her artwork.

Her online patrons can now easily purchase her artwork and contact her with questions.