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I specialize in copy editing, blog writing, email marketing, website copy, and can handle pretty much anything you throw my way. As a life-long educator and book worm, my passion has always been for creative writing and literature. I help business owners and career changers relate to their clients through well-written content. 

Editor and super Picky proofreader here! 

I'm Rachel.



I'm a creative myself in many capacities. In my twenties and early thirties, I was a professional singer and still have a boutique studio of voice students that I teach weekly. Since 2006, I've been creating, writing, and designing behind the scenes for performing arts companies, performing and visual artists, and coaches.

I love researching, mastering visual art, and coming up with a vision that surpasses my clients expectations. The women in my family come from a rich heritage of visual and performing artists and we we're all raised to have work-ethic and grit.

I'm the creative director, content creator, and copywriter at the helm. My passion is getting to know and bringing other people's stories to life.

I'm LoriBeth.

I have a unique and diverse perspective on life with a deep compassion for others, which is why I easily relate to large audiences through creative content writing. If you’ve been searching for a witty and clever content writer, then you’ve come to the right place. Rest assured you’ll have a perfectionist in your corner that strives to do her best work in everything she puts her hands on and will work to find multiple solutions to anything you bring to the table.

When I'm not editing, you can see me conducting high school choirs and I love to write creative poetry, cook fantastic meals, visit local Breweries with my husband. Never a dull moment up in Dallas, TX!

During my time as a professional singer, I created websites with intuitive copywriting for my fellow creative arts colleagues. I also kept a small private music studio for steady income and peace of mind and I continue to teach in my boutique music studio once a week as a music outlet and to give back what I've learned as a singer.

I was always obsessed with my website and used it to showcase my performance art and resume. I knew its value, and I gave it the attention it deserved. My website helped direct people I met to a place where they could get a scope of my work and what I do. My website was where I could direct potential employers and directors to say indisputably, "you're hired".

It was time-consuming, but I was able to hone my craft as a web designer and copywriter by helping my friends and colleagues with their websites. I experienced the steep learning curve of marketing and SEO so my colleagues wouldn't have to. Since 2006, I've had the honor of creating and co-creating websites for studio photographers, professional artists, professional live performers, female solopreneurs, online coaches, music teachers, and more. My passion ultimately became helping arts professionals and female coaches elevate their online presence through their websites, and I decided to scale it full-time in January of 2020. I love giving fellow creatives and coaches who are DONE with the DIY their time and energy back along with a beautifully and intuitively built website.

More than ever, artists, coaches, and entrepreneurs need to expand their reach beyond the brick and mortar to provide a space to show up online. I help professional artists and creatives create custom galleries to show off their work with custom web design in WordPress and Showit. I also listen to my clients' needs and provide them with what they ask for while exceeding expectations. 

When I'm not focused on my businesses, I can be found making live succulent arrangements, walking my two Bengal kittens, Lucy and Emma (they're often shown off on IG #lucyandemma), hiking, and playing piano.

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- Oprah

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